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GetReligion has a bit of analysis.

UPDATE: Don’t worry though, it’s not as if the NYT is now pro-life or anything.

In a pivotal case in 2008, Karen Espíndola, then 22, learned in her 12th week of pregnancy that her fetus had holoprosencephaly. Fetuses with the condition have a single-lobed brain, and most die before they are born. It is a common reason for terminating a pregnancy.

Ms. Espíndola sought an abortion, appealing to the president and setting off a national conversation over abortion. In February 2009, Ms. Espíndola gave birth to Osvaldo, who died in 2011.

“In reality he was never conscious he was alive,” she lamented. “He fought to breathe; he was fed through a tube. We all suffered a lot. Nobody here is a winner.”
His mother’s judgement is the only opinion the NYT quotes on the value of Osvaldo. The NYT cannot find, in all of Chile, somebody to quote who might think Osvaldo’s life was worth living.  He fought to breathe He was fed through a tube.  And yet the condition is not necessarily fatal.  And yet there are parents raising such children with love.

Never mind, Moloch is hungry.

Contrast this message with the video above.  Which gives life?  Which gives death?